What is The Arc of Ohio? (feat. Gary Tonks) S1E01 - What is The Arc of Ohio? (feat. Gary Tonks) S1E01 -

What is The Arc of Ohio? (feat. Gary Tonks) S1E01

In this very first episode, I sit down with Gary Tonks, President and CEO of the Arc of Ohio. The Arc of Ohio is the states oldest and largest organization that advocates for people with disabilities and their families. We talk about what the Arc is, and how families across the state of Ohio can access their services for free. The Arc is here to help and this episode will highlight some of the many ways they can.

About Gary Tonks:

Gary Tonks is the president/CEO of The Arc of Ohio in Columbus, the state’s oldest and largest grassroots organization representing individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities and their families. 

About the Arc of Ohio:

The Arc of Ohio is the voice of people with developmental disabilities, their families, friends of people with disabilities, and those who work with them. The Arc of Ohio is a grassroots organization which advocates for human rights, personal dignity and community participation of individuals with developmental disabilities through legislative and social action, information and education, local chapter supports, and family involvement.

The Arc of Ohio


About Rob Gorski and The Autism Dad and Special Needs Ohio podcasts:

Rob Gorski is a single Dad to three amazing autistic boys and Found and CEO of The Autism Dad, LLC. Multiple award-winning blogger, podcaster, content creator, social media influencer, and respected public figure for well over a decade.



Featured in this week’s episode:


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